Family Law

We assist families when matters disrupt the family unit. We work to achieve fair resolutions whether dealing with divorce, child custody, child support or the rights of individual family members.
We also represent clients to repatriate their children who have been illegally removed from their home in a foreign country or in another state.

Some of our notable cases are:

  1. Francis v. Verheyden, 104 Nev. 342, 757 P.2d 1328 (1988). We represented the husband before the 8th Judicial District Court. We filed an appeal challenging the decision of the district court. The Nevada Supreme Court ruled that the wife did not acquire an interest in the house owned by our client because the mortgage was not in her name, no community property funds were used to make the mortgage payments, and no improvements were made to the house during the marriage. Likewise, the court held that the wife was not entitled to the vehicle owned by the husband.
  2. Garcia Salazar vs. Corral Reyes: Case No. 2:02-cv-1722-RLH-PAL filed in the Federal District Court located in Reno, Nevada. This was an international kidnapping case where we represented the plaintiff father. The court ruled that the children had to be returned to the plaintiff in Mexico.
  3. Fagan vs. Phillips et al: Case No. A317495 was filed in the Eighth Judicial District Court of the State of Nevada. We successfully represented the father in an inter-state parental kidnapping case where the child was returned to the father after having been kidnapped for 3 years during which time the mother changed not only her name but the child’s name in an attempt to impede the father from locating his son. Thereafter we filed a lawsuit against the mother of the child and her new husband for intentional interference with parental custody rights. The jury ruled in our client’s favor.
  4. Belloc vs. Meraz Hernandez: Case No. 2:07-cv-0394-BES-PAL filed in the Federal District Court in Las Vegas, Nevada. We represented the plaintiff father who was seeking return of his child to Mexico. The court ruled that the child had to be returned to Mexico and that the issue of custody had to be decided by a Mexican court.
  5. In the Matter of Fuentes/Donaldson: This case was filed in the 8th Judicial District Court of Las Vegas, Nevada with case number D369445. We represented the aunt and uncle of two minors whose mother had been killed by her husband who was also the legal and biological father of these children. Initially the juvenile probation officers who had petitioned to make the children the wards of the State of Nevada refused to recommend that the aunt and uncle be allowed to adopt the children because they were undocumented and thus could not pass an FBI background check. We took the case out of the juvenile court and had custody and guardianship awarded to them through the family court. We then terminated the parental rights of the father and the children were subsequently adopted by their aunt and uncle.

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