Personal Injury

Clients often ask how much their injury or accident case is worth. This is most difficult to generalize because the amount depends on the particular circumstances of each case.

Some of our more notable cases are:

  1. Perez v. Las Vegas Medical Center, 107 Nev. 1, 805 P.2d 589 (1991) This was a wrongful death case alleging medical malpractice. The lower court ruled against our client, the plaintiff. On appeal, the Nevada Supreme Court determined that this case presented an issue of first impression of whether a preponderance requirement of proof of causation operates to bar recovery in medical malpractice cases where there is a 50% or greater chance that the patient’s underlying ailment caused the death. The court defined the injury as the “loss of a chance of survival.” The Defendants settled with us shortly after the Nevada Supreme Court issued its decision. This case has become the seminal case for the definition of negligence in the State of Nevada.
  2. Mendoza vs. Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Company, 8th Judicial District Court No. A257607 and Nevada Supreme Court No. 21282.
    Our firm represented this injured employee in a case for damages against the employer which was filed as an exception to the workmen’s compensation exclusive remedy provisions for work-related accidents. The jury awarded our client $2.2 million for the injuries he received from a rock crusher machine which resulted in the amputation of his arm above the elbow.
  3. Cruz vs. Corcran et al. Case No 2:06-cv-00412-RCJ-PAL filed in Federal District Court in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our firm represented some of the plaintiffs in this action against a highway patrol trooper and the State of Nevada claiming civil rights violations for failure to properly train, discipline, instruct, and supervise its trooper, and for having a policy allowing the troopers to violate state law by speeding to catch up to speeders when the troopers’ vehicles were not equipped with radar. Here,the trooper, while travelling in excess of 110 mph without flashing lights or sirens on his way home to have dinner, rear-ended plaintiffs’ vehicle killing four persons and injuring a 5th person. The case settled for a sum in excess of $2 million.

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